Our specific massages are relaxing, deep tissue or sensuals.

We have specially created special, original relaxing massages mixed from all over the world. Our therapists will recommend you the massage that will suit you the best. We offer you free stay in our sauna or steam room (subject to availability) and our Jacuzzi Aroma is optional with an additional 15 €.

Massage in the Dark

Massages performed by the blind people in Asia are well known. This massage in total darkness reproduces this feeling. It is a true original and captivating experience. A gentle and intuitive massage where the massage therapist discovers the body through his hands and not by his sight. Its a sensual massage.


110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Massage in Jacuzzi

​The Jacuzzi massage is inspired by the famous Water Shiatsu in Germany. A feeling of regression, of hovering giving a loss of landmarks. It procures a deep and powerful relaxation. This massage begin with a soft massage under the table ans after inside the Jacuzzi with pressure and gentle movement.

120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Massage "4 Sense"

The ESALEM massage is created in the 70th. 

Back to the origins!

we propose a psycho energetic, spiritual, regressive and sensual experience with a music from the 70s.


The gestures are slow, soft and intense.

This massage is a real trip in the sensuality of the 70s offering a unique "let you go" experience.

120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Massage on the mattress. Gentle, smooth and sensual. It's a perfect re-balancing on the 7th Chakras. 

Oils, sound and touching. All the sense will be opening.


120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Meditative Astral Massage
Traditionnal Massage from Tibet

The meditative astral massage is a sensorial trip. The body and the mind are totally accompanied by the beginning of the massage. The starry sky massage room is fills with hovering music. The maneuvers are gentle and intense. The body is cradled and carried with a lot of sensuality and delicacy. The feeling of lightness brings a transcendental and meditative experience.

120€/60 min - 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

Traditional Tibetan massage is a great massage performed by our specialist TENZIN. It is a slow all-over body oil massage combined with acupuncture points and reflexology.


The rebalancing energy body felt is surprising. With the massage progressing , the feeling will be stronger.

110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min

Body Scrub + Massage
Traditional Oriental Moorish Butter Massage

One of the best program:

The therapist will select according to the properties of your skin the right scrub product that will prepare your skin for the massage. The scrub, on the massage table(*), lasts for at least 30 minutes before the relaxing massage.

160€/90 min - 220€/120 min - 290€/160 min

option massage in the dark : 180€/90 min - 240€/120 min

option massage 4SEns, Esalem, Astral : 190€/90 min - 250€/120 min

* If you wish to do the scrub inside the hammam, please have a look at the Hammam Ritual page

This massage, which is inspired by ancient oriental techniques, is above all a unique experience composed of fluid, round, soft and sensual maneuvers that allow a unique letting go of the body and mind. This massage is particularly recomended with a black soap scrub in the Hammam in option.

Our Specialist, Mounir

110€/60 min - 160€/90 min - 210€/120 min


Our Reflexology is inspired by Asian and Indian ancestral techniques, but also by more recent Western techniques. According to your expectations, the session will be performed by kneading maneuvers, smoothing and pressure on points and reflex zones. This unique experience, with a deep and lasting feeling, brings relaxation and well-being. It helps rebalance and energize the body.

​90€/60 min

Gift Voucher

you would like to make a gift, buy a massage for mene...Our gift Vouchers are for you.


Shiatsu oil is a massage practiced on the ground with accurate and deep acupuncture points especially on the meridians. The use of the oil adds a form of softness to the very precise part of shiatsu. This massage is practiced by our specialist, Master Shiatsu, Tenzin, of Tibetan origin.

120€/60 min - 170€/90 min - 220€/120 min

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